Afternoon Talking

Today, (actually yesterday, at 23:30) my dad came home, yeey! Well, I am not in my best condition though, I got fever, sickness, or whatsoever that make me really…. sick. I still feel sick right now but not as sick as yesterday or the day before yesterday. I was like, almost faint. My vision was really bad (I dunno but it was all green, you know), I also got toothache. And backache (as I usually get when I have my period).

But that was yesterday, I mean, I don’t wanna talk about that anymore. I feel a lot better right now (even I still have this eye weirdness, that I have to use my eyeglasses to reduce the inconvenient. But my temp is quite around in normal range, highest normal range, actually).

Why I always make such a long introduction? =.=

Okay, so, I took a nap this afternoon. “A nap” was not an appropriate term for what I DID this afternoon, I actually… hmm FAINTED for almost 5 hours because I did not even remember when I actually fell asleep. All I remember I was reading Eat Pray Love, but when you fell asleep while you were reading a book you MUST have found your book folded in ugly way. But my book was “sitting” nicely behind my pillow, and I even folded it in tidy way at a page where I took the last page read.

The point is: I fainted

Nah, my dad was about to going back to his work or project or what this afternoon, and like a tradition in my family, we gathered together in our living room and got a umm.. some advices about college, about… life. I really like this afternoon talking, you know, when we talk about things, laugh at something I did, or my bros and sis did. I dont care if my big bro always fakes a smile and laugh in this afternoon talking, or my third lil bro always feels hesitate about this, but everybody respects our dad for he not able to be at home everyday.

And today’s afternoon talking went really random

First we all talked about college. I told my parents that I got 35 (when the mean score in my batch is 31) on progress test. My dad didnt get it at first (probably because I had not told him about this progress test), but my mom who already knew it expressed a shocked… expression (silly, I used a noun which is the derivation of the verb, not a good writing skill, I have to admit). And my mom said spontaneously,”Aaah you got the highest score!”

I could not even say a thing

Okay I don’t know whether I got the highest score or not and If I did, that’s insane! No no, what I am thinking? That’s retarded. That’s totally… out of my mind.

Since I feel sick, I could not shout spontaneously to respond such a thing, like I would do if I weren’t sick. I just said calmly (believe it or not! I turned really calm and even more fragile that I usually am),”No, I dont know, and it cant be like that, mom.”

The second talking still about college, but it’s for my big bro

My dad always praises his children, he is a very optimistic person yet sometimes can be too optimistic that he doesnt even consider about what happens in a real life. But I appreciate him. because my mom is actually the opposite of my dad: she always plans for the worst, and really, really understands what happens on the ground, but sometimes it drives me crazy: the plans (and all the backup plans she made) conquer her mind like a parasite that doesn’t let her to think positively. It sometimes gets really useful but it’s just… I dont know, I think she needs to loosen up. I know I know, I’m in the middle of them, but tend to be like mom.

WHAT Im trying to say is, my dad said that my big bro will be the next Marty Natalegawa (sorry, Sir, If I spelled your name incorrectly). And my dad asked my big bro,
“Who is Marty Natalegawa, Ram? You must know him.”

My big bro answered,
Hmm. Pejabat kan?

My dad laughed (so did I. I actually smiled) and continued,
Hahaha, pejabat. Who’s him, gop?” (my dad called my mom ‘Gopi’)

My mom answered,
Orang DepLu

My dad even laughed louder. It was so cute you know, I smiled wider (I was and am still sick, note that)
Ih, itu Menteri Luar Negeri, kok Orang DepLu

Yah, MenLu kan orang DepLu juga,” my mom responded

The third talking was about my health condition. I forgot to tell that this one last week I got my Aunt (my dad’s lil sis) and my grandma (my dad’s mom) from Bali visiting us. They stayed one night at my house (just because my house is really not sufficient for having two more additional people in it, they stayed at my dad’s bro’s, not really far from mine). My Aunt touched my forehead to scale whether I still had the fever or not and she said,”Not really high, I guess, It’s around 35C”

Again, I could not say a thing

This time my mom (who is a pharmacist, so she knows about medicine and medical things quite well) laughed,”The normal temp is around 37C, Putu hahaha,”

My Aunt said,”Yaah, I intended to make her feel better”

so cute of here. I get sudden inspiration that my family should start a show like OVJ. It will be so much entertaining.

The last random talking still about my health condition but it gets pretty serious. My dad asked where the fever came from, I mean, did I get flu, or acute bronchitis, or what that could possibly caused the fever (if I am not mistaken, a fever is a sign, it could not come from no where right? If I am mistaken, I offer an apologize)?
I said that it came from a toothache. At the very back of my teeth. And my mom forced me to find more about the ache: did it come from the teeth or the gums. I said I did not know. She kept asking me, she always curious about this kind of thing. I was a bit angry. I said,
“It was hurting me a lot, I did not even care where it came from. All I wanted to do was make the pain go away and never come back!”

When I said those pretty-harsh thing, I realized. That’s maybe what patients (if not all, then some patients) really feel when they feel severe pain. They don’t care about where the pain exactly comes from. They don’t bother with that. In their shoes, they perhaps only want the doctor they come to to cure uups, to relieve their pain. It’s kinda hard for doctor to do the “anamnesis” (dude! I could not find an english word for that! sorry!), to ask the patients to find what is actually going on. I see this as a dilemma. Doctors really have to do it, so they won’t do further harm. What doctors can do so the patients won’t feel what I felt when my mom asked that is: ask them nicely. No, I mean, read the patients’ mental condition, are they feeling awful or not, then decide what kind of approach appropriate for them.
I know I might be saying this like it’s easy. I am even only the first grader of medical school. But this is what I feel, once again, in patients’ shoes, and I feel really awful if I did not write it on my blog. It’s aimed to share some experiences of mine, no offense

I gotta go to bed. Almost 9 pm, I really need a rest for the sake of my own health, but you know… My fingers can’t be stop, like usual, when I already am in the mood to write something here ;p



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