Lessons Learned

Okay, im running out of time. Actually, Im running out of battery. And this shitful table is way to high for me so my hands are not in a really comfortable position for typing. Im currently at a canteen somewhere at Parahyangan Catholic University. Why did I end up here at 10:16 in the morning? Good question. I have a “meeting” with one of my JHS best friend, Anas. It’s more like a reunion, honestly. I mean, how could I call it a “meeting” with my JHS friens? Im being too formal lately euw. Ah, Dude, I really have to make this fast.

Lesson learned #1
Check your damn lappy’s battery when you’re about to bring it somewhere with you.
I used my lappy till late at night last night. Without charging it. So, I got only 13% left, and that’s f-ing… annoying when you dont have anything to do at an unknown place you have never visited before

And it is 10% left
F F F!

Lesson learned #2
Later, on my holiday, I should have come here (Unpar) more often, rather than hmm… have a walk at ITB, wasting time on finding… okay, I’ll just admit it: finding cute guys. No offense, it’s really subjective, but I have to say that “cute guys” are rare species there. Except those at mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, and school of business and management. And here? Dude, I actually dunno at what canteen Im sitting at right now, but north, south, east, or, west, I find… BEAUTIFUL VIEW. Really. All you need to do is point at one cute guy, and pick it up, bring it home. That easy. Because they’re like EVERYWHERE. Literally. Everywhere in every direction. The cutenesses are kinda different with the cutenesses you’ll find at my campus (FKUI, I mean, not UI generally). The cutenesses there are the ones a good, reliable, and good-looking guy has. The cutenesses here are the other ones: a rebellious messy guy-type has.

Shit! 7% left! F F F F!!!!

Actually I have the third lesson learned but it’s not directly related to what I have been murmuring above, so maybe later I’ll post it here.

I need to turn off this f-ing not-yet-charged-lappy.
Good God, another cute guy has just sit in front of me
I could die of his cuteness hahahaha


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