Serigala Terakhir: a Subjective Overview

Okay, I have just finished watching this film Serigala Terakhir and now I am typing a brief overview about it with my right hand (still) shaking, secretly. Because my mom has just woken up and she would be very upset if she knew I havent slept yet


For the very first time on my life, I can’t really decide is it a good film or not. I felt sad. I started watching this 15 minutes after it started and I had only sit for 3 minutes and I cried. I was so scared.

First 1 minute: Gosh, those guys are so damn hot. Look at their abs. #faint

1 more minute: wait.. what’s THIS?? (I did not really get it, are they playing soccer or having a fight? that was totally not a sport. I mean, check the definition of sport on your dictionary. Does it tell something about kicking the opposite player or punching the others’ faces?)

1 more minute: (sobbing)

like I said before, I was so scared. I mean, look at those guys with their freakinly hot abs! They were …. so fierce, not in a charismatic way. In scaring way, I guess.. Havent I told you that I really ever met these guys? At school when I was the 3rd grader? It was one of the ST campaign program.

Im just shocked, stunned, and… silenced by this film. I did not ever think that the film is going to be like this.

While I was watching ST on TV, i was also monitoring the twitter timeline. The director of this film, Upi, tweeted (or retweeted) a saying like this “jangan ngeliat film ST dari adegan kekerasannya, ada pesan2 moral di balik itu”. I believe that. The first thing I got from this film, I guess the director really wants to show how hard our lives can be. That, we, as individuals, have to have an ability to protect ourselves (and our families) from the cruelty of the world. Secondly, I think the film is trying to say that we can’t really trust anybody. At least, we can trust very few people. I don’t really agree with this one because, i believe that we should see the best in everybody.

Nah, there are also 2 more things about the value of  the film I wanna share. I dont know how you guys get it when you watched this but what I got is in this film, friendship is based on a thing called “pamrih” (I don’t get the english word for this one). I guess when you already gave your friends something (whether they are concrete or not: materials or affection), in a true friendship, you’ll never ask your friends to pay back. Even if one day your friends have changed and they act differently toward you, for me, just remember one thing: there is nothing called “ex-friend” in this world. That’s what I believe. There are only 2 pure relationships in this film: Jarot’s mom to him and Aisha to Jarot. Hey, I’ve just realized those all are from women! (Y)

Secondly, there is one big question that keep hanging on my mind: I don’t see God plays “a role” there. And Jarot kept saying “Demi Tuhan” especially when he talked to Aisha. Maybe if there’s a God in that film, it won’t be that “heartless”. All they care about is revenge. Revenge and revenge. Revenge doesn’t make us more “human”. It turns us into “animals”: only body and soul and what they call as an instinct, but no heart and no mind.

But, you know what? This film has successfully made me totally stunned! I was really really into this film. I could feel the hatred. I could really feel the anger. Everybody’s acting is sooooo outstanding. Perfect, you know. My most favorite scene is when Aisha cried try to make Ale stay, try to make him not to kill Jarot. I could damn feel her sadness, her pure, deep love to Jarot. Seriously. I mean I may be sounded really hyperbolic, but that’s what I felt when I watched that scene.

And my most favorite character?

No, it’s not Jarot who’s played by Vino Bastian

It’s Fatir, the mute one. (I forgot who acted as him, sorry :p). He is the true villain character. His poker face when he took a look around him. His expression of the satisfaction on his face when he killed somebody. And his personality the consistency.

So,  that’s all. Once again, it’s only a subjective overview 😉


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