Today was awful. I mean not at part when I met Lika and Areta, it was a blast, a bomb, a dynamite. But the part when I played tennis.

Dude, my right hand is still shaking when Im typing this. It goes really numb

Here is the problem. I was (WAS, note it, WAS, W-A-S, means not anymore) a representative of my batch to play tennis at Dekan Cup (an intern sports competition for FKUI big family). The reason why I was chosen is the fact that I studied tennis for 1sks in the first semester. There were only 4 girls joined tennis class. I was like “okay, no prob, bro” for being the representative, not even thinking about practicing. Hey, dude, I was pretty good at tennis class and doing all those basic shot; it was more like  a dance, actually. Unfortunately, we did not practice the tennis game, just the basic things: hand grip, body position, etc. because of the unpredictable weather. But I was still chill out.

HEY, WHY THE HELL MY RIGHT HAND IS STILL SHAKING???? Been 30 minutes since I played!!

The first tennis game should have been held on a beautiful Friday. Oops, an awful Friday. Because I had only slept like 1,5hour for that night and I was told about the game only a day before. I did not really care, honestly. All I wanted to do was sleep all day. At 2 p.m. I went back to my room and I fell asleep as I put my head on my lovely pillows. When I finally woke up, I found out it was dark outside, well… It was already 10 pm. I almost shouted: I should have played tennis at 5 pm dude!!! I ran to my phone and found like 7 text messages there. I thought I was so dead. SO f-ing dead.

But God saved me that time

The game was canceled. I was so relieved because of the fact that I fell asleep. It would have been really unprofessional if I had missed the game because I fell asleep. Because I had only had 1,5hour sleep at the previous night.

When holiday came, my senior informed me that the tennis game will be held on one tuesday. She was too late: I had already booked a ticket for getting back to Bandung. I told her, honestly, that I really could not cancel it. Then, she asked me at what time I could play. Anytime I wanted to. I was actually embarrassed when she asked me this. Because my partner was from batch 2006 and she must have been busier than I was. And that was me who named the time. I finally named the time. It was exactly a week ago.

This time, I realized I NEVER PLAYED TENNIS GAME… like NEVER for my entire life.

I practiced tennis when I was at elementary school but I rarely attended. I was too lazy to get up from a nap. I think it’s a karma, you know. I pretended like I was sleeping for skipping a tennis lesson.

I should have known this

I turned really nervous that on the day of the game, I started practicing by watching a tennis game on you tube. Dude, I DID NOT EVEN KNOW how exactly the tennis game rules are until this afternoon

On that day, God saved me for the 2nd time

I was winning the game because my senior suddenly canceled the game like 30 minutes before the game should have started. I thought that could not be happening, then I decided I would practice tennis in Bandung during my holiday.

So I can be a pro

Not a pro. Being not so poor on tennis game is enough for me



at this very time, I have decided: I cant play tennis. This is just not my nature. I am not into tennis like I was (and hopefully, am) into hockey. I cant have the ball under my control! They kept going everywhere. My basic technique was good, average at least, but the point of a tennis game is not how good your techniques are, how good you could do  the “tennis dancing”; its about how to get more scores, more won-sets, and then winning the game! And of course about having fun during the sports. I DONT HAVE THEM ALL, I dont even feel that “fun” part. I kept moving my wrist when it should have stayed there. I kept doing that again and again.

Believe me, I was very poor.

This is crazy. I should stop. Im just gonna tell Adwin and Band Dana tonight. Or maybe tomorrow morning when I have chilled out


One response to “Tennis

  1. Hai.. Salam kenal, sy agung, residen psikiatri. Kalau boleh, sy minta tolong diberikan info kalau misal ada latihan tenis atau ada pertandingan tenis. Makasih sebelumnya.

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