Sister :*

I am really glad that I have a sister. I have been raised between boys with big bro who never takes care of or even pays attention to his little sister.

I am not complaining and I don’t blame him, just telling the truth, the reality


My only sister is 9 years younger than me and I soooo adore her. She is really cute, cutest 8-year-old kid ever. She is really innocent and girlish. She likes pink and likes playing dolls. She loves shopping  (especially sandals), wearing cute accessories, and dancing. When one day my mom asked her about her will, she answered,

“I wanna be a mom, have a children, and raise them”

Dude, when I was at her age, my will was being a technician like my father =.=’ She is so lovable and she does care about her little bro’s (especially Janar). She is not really good at math but she does great at social science and Indonesian. She has a good handwriting and she usually does everything one by one, never in a rush. She is an honest girl and has a sensitive feeling (well, lately I do too, but when I was at her age… No. I was really effing tomboy. All I did during the break time at school was running around the school, playing “police and thief”. Or running playing “bebentengan”. Or running…. Okay, well, the point is: running). There’s something about her that seems so fragile. She has a “bule-ish” skin color, a beautiful perfectly curving eyelash, wide eyes (idk if it is an appropriate term), black wavy hair. But not at all a pointed nose :p.

She is like an angel, you know. Really beautiful and innocent :*

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