Silly little brother

You know I have 4 younger brothers and 1 younger sister right? Well, I must have mentioned it somewhere. If I am mistaken, well, just pretend that I have mentioned it haha


This gonna be short. Im gonna tell one silliness my 1st grader of high school brother one day.
He has an annoying habit: he usually takes a shower not shorter than 30 mins. It gets really annoying in the morning, since there is only 1 functional bathroom (the other bathroom is kinda broken, we only use it for have a pee) and there are 6 kids (excluding my elder bro and me, myself) who wanna take a shower.

One day, one beautiful Sunday. He takes a shower longer than EVER.. EVER…

When he finished, I protested him and he was like,
“Naon sia maneh, bacot pisan lah. Wanian ku aing?” (sorry for the impolite Sundanese but that’s what he really said. Seriously he said that. Even to my mom)
I was still murmuring, cursing him for his really long shower when suddenly he shouted to.. everybody,

what the hell he was doing at the bathroom then??? Only God knows


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