Sadie Lancaster

Hei again!

Have I told you that I recently just finished reading a new chicklit written by Sophie Kinsella? I guess I have, somewhere out there. Or did I mention it on my “other blog” (ooh yeaaaah, I do have another blog, a place where I could really write ANYTHING without thinking twice haha). Honestly, I have written a post entitled “Twenties Girl: A review” (The chicklit’s title is Twenties Girl) buut I was not in mood to finish it so it ended up in draft folder. And I have learned that I would not finish anything that has already placed there hahaha.

So, who is Sadie Lancaster and what is the relationship between her and the book?

(mm, firstly, I would like to say sorry If Im mistaken in spelling “Lancaster”. I forget it and am too lazy to take a look at it)

Sadie (just saying “Sadie” is “saver” I guess haha) is one of the main characters from the chicklit. The other one is Lara. Lara is Sadie’s great-grand daughter. Oh, it’s not actually great grand daughter. Hmm, let me enlighten a bit. So, Lara has a father. Her father has an aunt. Lara’s father’s aunt is Sadie. Get it? 😉

The problem is, Sadie is already dead

Lara and her family came to Sadie’s funeral (which is a crematorium) and when Sadie’s body is going to be cremated (is it a right word for “kremasi” in Indonesian? Again, Im too lazy to check it on the dict. Oh! actually, i dont have dict here, they’re all in Jakarta hoho) suddenly Lara heard Sadie’s screaming and she actually SAW Sadie there. But, this…ghost/spirit is unique. She didnt take form as the 105year-old Sadie; she took form as 23-year old Sadie. And Lara is the only one who’s able to see her. Sadie came to find her lost-necklace.

But that’s not what Im gonna emphasize here

Even Lara is the only one that could see Sadie and whom Sadie could really interact with, Sadie has a control over other people’s mind. Sadie did that by shouting loudly directly to the person she wanted to control. The person could not really hear her; he/s he only hear her as a sound that came from his/her mind. For example.

Josh, Lara’s ex-boyfriend was talking to his new girl. Lara wanted to know why Josh left her. She sat not too far from Josh and used a spy-kit to listened to Josh’s conversation. Sadie flew to Josh and shouted this rihght to Josh’s ears,


And there Josh, suddenly telling his new girl why he broke up with Lara.

See my point here?? She could change people’s mind, well, people’s decision at least. Lara’s actually got a point there: she thought that Lara’s power over people could be used to…

conquer the world

Hey, what if she came to the president and made him decide something?

There are many values of life you can get from this story. This one I got, seems not being emphasized by the writer or written explicitly. Lara did not use Sadie’s power for bad things (except the fact that she ordered Sadie to shout at Josh that Josh loved Lara). This tells us that we have to use power we have proportionally and wisely. Don’t be an opportunistic person 😉


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