Body, Mind, and Soul


Here it is: Welcome holiday!!

Somehow it just doesn’t seem right, there’s something wrong there. Yeaaaah, everybody is already back for school or work and I am on holiday. When they are on holiday, it’s me who is still studying at campus and having an exam.


As this first semester ends, I have already finished 4 modules: PDPT (Program Dasar Pendidikan Tinggi which consists 4 subjects: MPKT, Religion, Sports/Art, and English), P2K2, Research, and EBP3KH. I am going to make a slight review about the last 3 modules I mentioned. Perhaps it willΒ  be useful for our juniors-to-be who are usually curious about education system here at FKUI (well, I WAS curious you know. I found Kurfak 2005, which is our education system, and wondering what P2K2 and EBP3KH are and even google cannot answer that!). Or maybe it will be useful for those other med school students aroooound the world to know what we, students of FKUI, are studying in the first semester.

Aaaargh, did I say “around the world”? I suddenly realized that yeah, all people around the world could read my blog, including med school students (including med school students at Johns Hopkins, my dream med school!!), and they’ll find out that my english is such a…


I am saying too many slang words, too many grammatical mistakes, too many inappropriate terms

Don’t you think so? @.@



Im typing too many introductions also, which I always do everytime I post something here haha

The First One: P2K2 (Pertolongan Pertama pada Kegawat dan Kedaruratan)

in english, it’s a First Aid. It’s pretty obvious what we are studying in this module right? Just really need to remember one thing: by the time we are declared to pass this module we already are a FIRST RESPONDER, not less not more. Even though in our lectures we are told about the advanced steps for first aid, we should never ever everrrrr mention that as steps that we will take: when we are asked informally moreover in our exam. The skills lab were quite fun (even for me it’s a quite frustrating one, because I could not calm down when so many people judge me what’s wrong and what’s right at the exactly same time. And it didnt help at all to make me react faster). For the exams… errr… Im not gonna lie but there are sooooo many to remember. You really need to read the slides (more important) and the hmm, summaries (?) the lecturers made (less important). There are 3 exams: OSCE, multiple choice questions (which are pretty much confusing and there are some detailed questions), and the essays (and I think you also need to be CALM here, not panicked. What I learned is: panic ruined everything).

The Second One: Research

It’s not an abbreviation, it’s a research! This is my most favorite module of all those three! What I got from my seniors here is that research is the most tiring and sucks one. Well it was tiring for as well as P2K2, but I like it a lot more than P2K2 (maybe because of some sentimental experiences on P2K2). It’s like the most logical one. You don’t need to remember all the lectures: you need to understand it. And about the tasks.. Yeaah, there are lots to write, lots to be organized (especially the group task), but I dare you: what is actually difference between me typing this blog, almost 2 hours now, and typing a proposal for research? I do use my head to think what Im gonna say here, and so do I when I make a proposal. Paraphrasing and reading journals are not something scary. When I made the 2nd section of the proposal, I spent 9 hours non stop for typing. I also really adore the lecturers, they are all pure genius! Actually, I also have sentimental experiences during this module but I guess having argumentation withanybody elses is a normal process of studying and learning right? You learn how to communicate, accept that you’re wrong, how to deal with people, and understand them. Arguing is an art πŸ˜‰ I also be grateful about this module because one of the lecturers who gave a feedback about a made-up-research report our group made said that our group really understood the matters !! Maybe (and hopefully!) she was proud about our report and our understanding, from my point of view, it all could be seen from her face :p But the flaw our group had was the wrong sample formula, and that’s okay, it’s, again, only a process of learning πŸ™‚

Aaah, I am saying too much experience I had about this module haha. It’s subjective. At first I only meant this post to be an objective description about the three modules :p

About the exams: it’s average, can be easy and can be difficult also, depending on how careful you are and how not-panicked you are when you do it πŸ˜‰

The Last (Third) One: EBP3KH (Empati, Bioetika, untuk Pengembangan Pribadi dan Profesi Kedokteran dalam konteks Humaniora)

I am sorry but its a bit difficult to translate those to english. Let me lighten a bit: it talks about empathy, bioetics, and humanity. Empathy (how this module is usually called) is the second most favorite module of all three (so you now know what I hate most right haha. Or not “hate most”, too harsh. Let saay hmm “like least” :p). Dude, I learned A LOT, damn, A LOOOOTTTT about life and people in this module. Most of the students (forΒ  me) seem to underestimate this one. Because it talks about uncertainty? Because it talks about the social field of medical world? Or because the schedule was soooo flexible? I don’t know the reason, but even this module has the most flexible schedule, requires least papers and homeworks, it has given so much to my recognition about people around me. I learn how to know myself better, to be honest to myself, and more importantly, I learn (at least, start to learn) to understand people better than I did. My tutor is from Psychiatry, dr. Petrin (whom I ever mentioned once here hehe), she helps me a lot through my learning on empathy. And she also helps my friends. For me, the most crucial part of learning empathy is in our group discussion and field study (to family and to hospital), not in the lectures, not the plenary, not even the film discussion. When we did a plenary or the film discussion, we ought to think critical and everybody seems to master that. But I don’t really know which of the sayings is truly from their heart and from what they have learned.

And again, Im putting too much subjectivity in this post -____-”

What all you need to prepare for this module is a mindset that this module is not even a bit less important than two other modules. I, from the start, had a will to change myself to be a better person for the goodness’s of people around me and, finally… for the goodness’s of human being, one day πŸ™‚

So, why this post is titled Body Mind and Soul?

Actually this came from twitter. One of my friend, Fitri, tweeted that Emir (you know Emir, I wrote about him at “My New Family” post :D) said this wisest thing ever about the three modules:

“P2K2, Research, and EBP3KH are the representations of Body, Mind, and Soul, in one individual”

Which one I like most and like least is just a matter of subjectivity: but we need all of those three not only for our professional career, but also in our daily life. These all start from ourselves: we have synchronized and adequate mastery of our body, mind, and soul then all what we do, think, and feel, are for the goodness of other people πŸ™‚


I have just made this 1-question-poll, for all the students of FKUI 2010, about this three modules: which modules you like the most?

Just curious πŸ˜‰


One response to “Body, Mind, and Soul

  1. Nice topic.
    Well, I did learn something too.
    In P2K2, I found out that I may, with my two finest hands, help several people.
    In research, I knew that I may help a lot of people or no one, if I did some junk researches.
    In empathy, I understood that with wise compassion you may help a person before you, but at least you certainly help yourself.

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