Who is He?

I have been through many things this last month. I learn so many “how to”s.. I dealt with difficult people, i dealt with myself, and i dealt ENOUGH with love.

Okay, love is another thing right now..

I am attracted to somebody. Well, i had a crush on him but it didnt go anywhere: we’re friends. For now i am single and actually not having someone as my next target, so i feel curious about him. I believe that every human being has his own unique-ness, but there’s something about him that I just want to know more. He can’t be described easily. Physically perhaps, but not about his personality. At a glance he looks so serious, you will never know the way he laughs. The more days I spend with him, the more I know his… complexity. At once he can be really extrovert, he talked about his problems, he is opened up. But at the other times, he rarely talked and just showed a… fierce expression. Just stood there, without saying a thing.

So hard to understand him nowadays. I dont know how I am so distracted by this, why I really want to know about him, to understand him fully. Maybe because I can’t even take a guess about the real him and it’s frustrating me. Or it’s another thing, i dont know.

Once, a friend of mine ever said that I should be with him (you know what I mean by this) and when I asked why, she answered that I am the one who make him be more opened up, make him like ‘right now’. It was a compliment, for me, i guess i make other people life’s better, right? But, i actually know nothing about him. It’s confusing.

He is so adorable: he does sports often, looks really cool when he surfs at volleyball and so he does when he plays basketball. He can sing, great voice, and… he actually can play the guitar. He is the gentlest man ever, and can be really sweet too, but be very critical (and really show it) when something doesnt seem right.

He is so mysterious: he is able to make me cry but not keep the revenge. He is a great friend, and would help his friends without asking too much. But at other times, gue bisa terkaget2 dengan cara dia berbicara pada teman-tema. Sometimes seems so bossy.. Entah kenapa gue jadi merasa takut, threatened.. tapi gue ga merasa benci sama dia atau gimana, gue justru pingin lebih tau: why he turns to be like that? what causes that?

*ehem, actually I dont have words that suited with the description above so I use Indonesian :p

He is so dependable, a man of his words. I really like it when he wanted to laugh but didnt do that because he tended to keep his image good in front of people he didnt know quite well. Cute :”p

Let the time does its job: takes us wherever we should be. years and years are waiting in front of us, I hope during the journey, I will understand him better as… a friend

Or maybe more ?

Who knows? 😉

Happy New Year, All!


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