2011: be positive, smiley, and free!

I really like the ..hmm “jargon” above!! >,< Especially the “smiley and free” ones. I added positive, because i think its the base of smiley so you just dont fake a smile: you smile because you feel positive, and the positive feeling truly comes from the inside

Why smiley theeen?

I believe that smiling (in an appropriate condition of course) will give courage, love, warmth, and positive feeling to others around you. And when you smile because you feel positive inside, the smile will be different: the smile that comes from your heart. That positive feeling automatically will not only be expressed from your smile but also from your eyes. People around you are going to feel positive too if you do so. And everybody will be happy 🙂

As med school students, I am always told to be useful for people, to bring comfort, happiness to people. There’s a very crucial question, but rarely being questioned is: Where do I start? Where the hell should I start to comfort people?

For me the answer is to give the positive feeling you have by smiling from your heart. Isn’t the world going to be very beautiful when everybody starts to smile from his/her own deepest heart? And everybody is trying to make people around them comfortable? >,<

And why “free”?

Actually, anyone has a freedom to be free or not. From the simplest example, where this idea comes from… You choose to be single: you choose to be free, for me. But when you choose to have bf/gf,  you will may also feel free. It’s so relative. Free is when you are not under someone/thing’s pressure. Free is when you do everything because you want to do that, not because you are threatened by someone/thing else. It’s again, about heart.

These 3 fundamental words will not only for 2011, but also for 2012, 2013, and on and on.

So, people, be positive, smiley, and free: and the world will be undoubtedly beautiful to you 🙂

Happy smiley new year!!


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