My new rooftop


I got my rooftop hereeee, in jakarta, at my place with amazing views of afternoon blue skies! This is pretty much like my bedroom’s windows view at my house in Bandung and… I just can’t believe it I ACTUALLY HAVE THIS HEREEEE!!!! Perhaps you think that this is not special or just a usual view of afternoon skies, but this means so much to mee. Im feeling like Im home and having a perfect afternoon right at my room while doing my homeworks. These are some photos of the greatest views ever, since I moved here.

Soooo much relaxing

And a perfect place for crying at night :p

(But there’s no lightning here, so, It might be quite dark at night)

Lovellyyy :*

Clear blue skies, nicest view ever that you can’t ever imagine that’s it’s  jakarta’s skies :p


I dont care whether these are amateur photographs, im just… not able to say it in words, tooo awesome


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