I was studying, preparing for tom’s lectures about first aid (my 1st medical module at FKUI, finally) but I was so tired about today, and was lack of concentration to absorb the lessons from the book, then I decided to write what has been struggling on my mind.

Well, then, it’s again and again talking about commitment

Not that I’ve written here or what, but it’s the concern that I have always questioned about. Actually, I don’t know where to start so pardon me whether this post is a total mess, well I dont really care, I just wanna spill things out.

Im now, making a commitment with someone. having a bf is making a commitment, dont you agree with me? Yep, it exactly is. But what I’ve found out today, hmm, Im having something I don’t really understand and that’s frustrating, really. What i’ve always thought about a commitment in “this area”, well, it’s something that can make you always happy. Like commitment with your friends; friendship. True friend, will never disappoint you, and true friend will always be with you, accompany you whether its hard days or not. And that friendship-commitment will never give any harm, bad feelings, or elses in common.

Am I expecting too much if I want a boyfriend-commitment is like the friendship-commitment I’ve always had?

Or do i sound really opportunistic by expecting that commitment I wanna have is commitment that can always make me happy?

Once, my friend here ever told me that I was  totally wrong by expecting such a thing. She thought that having  a commitment is a matter of being more mature by having more happiness and also problems and sadness with your bf. I agree her in part “being more mature”, but not really agree in the last part. If that problem is something has been caused by the relationship/commitment itself, well, I disagree. Because a real relationship will never everrr disappoint you because you already accept your boyfriend/girlfriend as him/herself, for his/her good and bad things. Dude, I can’t believe I have just said that!

Wow! Blogging brings so much thing to my life..

I suddenly remembered how my friendship was and is with malika. She is so not punctual, but I was and is and will never be angry at her about that. And so was/is/will she be about my bad habits. You don’t measure your commitment on how rich your bf/gf is. You don’t measure your commitment on how good looking how clever or how-other-things your bf/gf is. It’s all about acceptance and the feeling that you’re also accepted by him/her.

So, when at the first time I wrote this post with thousand questions about commitment, in only less than half an hour and after typed 460 words, I found out all the answers for those thousand questions.

Commitment is acceptance 🙂

Good night and thanks again, blog, you made my day ended gratefully even in the middle it was sucks :p


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