7 Hari dalam Seminggu

Banyak banyak banyaaaak bangetngetngeeet yang pingin gue ceritain! SUMPRIIIT, GUE HAROT MEEEN, ini segala macam emosi yang bertentangan meledak-ledak dalam diri gue secara bersamaan. Gue sampe bingung mau mulai dari mana


Banyak banget yang udah terjadi dalam 7 hari belakangan ini, well not really in my academic world as Medschool student (haha, hidup mahasiswa deh :p), tapi lebih di dalam social life gue.

Setelah hari Rabu minggu lalu gue mengutarakan perasaan gue tentang hubungan gue sama seseorang, well, I can’t say that Im not happy. It was sooo sooo good to be free again. Gue melakukan itu, hanya karena gue merasa itu hal yang benar untuk dilakukan. Okay, I was being quite selfish, I know, but what a relationship is for when all your feelings that make you stay with him are based on a sorry-ness feeling? Dude, I was not planning to spill such a thing out but please it’s you, yeaaah, YOU, who triggered me.

And what can I say, if the last 7 days I fell for someone else?

Gue tau bagi sebagian orang itu gila, 7 hari men, 7 HARI?? It is RETARDED, when logic talks. But not when feelings talk. Jangan kira gue sekarang deket banget sama that someone else, lo pikir gue ‘selingkuh’ dan ini hal yang membuat gue dan seseorang yang lain ‘putus’. And since we haven’t made a commitment yet, there’s nothing wrong, technically. Alright, it was just a justification. A debatable justification.

All the things what I said to him on the previous day when we were still together, oh please, it was true and honest. BUT I don’t feel it anymore. Can you see my point here?? Your mindset which is wrong; you thought I was cheating (once again, technically I was not, AND I TRULY WAS NOT, I am not that hypocritical) and that thought leads you to another thought that what I said about liking and loving you were only bullshits. I don’t feel it anymore, but that doesn’t mean I DIDN’T.

Gue udah pingin meledak lah sumpah. One thing I got wrongly from you: I actually haven’t known you THAT good.

Okay, that’s enough for you! I’m DONE with you

And now, finally finally…


What is so special about today?? Because Im going to Depok in less than 12 hours :p :p

Can’t wait >,<


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