My New Family

Here I am, been living alone with my family 126 kms away. But i actually have found a new one here. 2,5 months we’ve been together, and days with them in it, are soo much fun.

Introducing: Kelompok Mabim 4!

I’ll tell you who they are!

From the back, from the left to the right, YUP, the chubby boy over there hehe. He is Aditya Parlindungan, usually called Parlin. He ‘s the clown, not only in my group actually, but also a clown to all my 2010 friends hehe. Believe me you can’t be around him without giggling every 5 seconds.

Parlin’s left side is Afifa. She seems to be the most mature one in our group 😉 She usually takes control if the rest of the group er.. going retarded :))

The tall boy who stood at the very back is Fahresa Hilmy, called Resa. He is the leader of our group. At the first time you met him, you might be impressed. But as time goes by… Well,  you know what I mean haha. Resa is really good at basketball.

here she is, Tasha, in front of Afifa. At the first time we met, i thought she was really shy. But you get to know her better, she is as cheerful as the others in our group.

Tasha’s left side, in front of Resa, she is Anisa, called Nisa. Nisa is a quite type also, but she participates well in our group. In our previous discussion (one of mabim assignment), she offered the best solution that made everybody’s happy

The boy who stood between Nisa and Resa is Emir. One thing about him I couldn’t ever forget is he was once not be able to stop laughing, so sudden, because of Parlin. He laughed soo… I don’t even have words to explain that hahaha. In his silence, he actually supports our group insanity :))

Right after Emir, the boy who do the “peace style”, is Agung Nugroho. He is a calm type, actually, but since he’s always been around Parlin (well, I dont know whether Parlin who turned him into like that or he actually is like that), he is really funny. You should know his email address by the way, but i concern that as an “assassination” if I tell it here :p

Agung’s left side is Juniarto Pangestu, or Juni. He seems and is the wisest one here. Juni is also my classmate at MPKT and english and empati and Pola hidup sehat (in other words: all classes except religion and sport). He usually just stands there, listens to what people are saying, and BANG, suddenly he can spill a critical commentary that you would never think of before. Juni is also good at playing volleyball.

A girl standing in front of Parlin named Eli Novi, or Eli. She is really calm, but when she jokes about something, well, she can be as funny as Parlin :))

Go on to Eli’s left side, standing Ichil. It’s not her real name. Her real name is Diana … Well I forgot the rest (sorry :p). She is really talkative, like I am actually hehe. She has a crush on somebody I have a crush on too, so basically, we’re rivals hahaha. Peace, yo!

And someone who wore a silly headband (because he won the game named EAAA hosted by Kak Bima) is Rio. He is from Bandung, SMAN 3 bandung. He usually comes late to the team’s meeting even his place is like only 5 minutes away from campus.

The girl wearing red jilbab is Fatma. She is really cute! She has a unique way of talking and she always smiles widely while she’s talking. She has a special interest on elephantiasis *wink* and she’s never afraid of speaking her mind out

And there she is, my soulmate ever since I studied at FKUI: Widia. She came from Bali and she is a really active girl. Widia admits that she is talkative, but blame me for making her even more talkative. (Hellooo, I am a really calm girl, ya kaan? :)) )

Well, that’s meee! The quietest girl in this group (big liar)

There’s Ani on my left side. Just like Eli, she seems like she is a quite type but well… Actually she is lot of fun!

In front of Ani stands Danet. What I can say about him is that he is the most stable one in this group. All the quite-typers have taken off their masks (haha) but he is still the same as the first day we met : quite, patient, and wise, and, not least, fun!

Danet’s right side is Faris. Dude, I thought he was really quite and calm and else. But actually he is a total partner-in-crime! Hahaha! Just yesterday we played a role, pretend that we were enemies and were gonna have a fight. So fun :))

And the only one not wearing the yellow jacket is our beloved facilitator: Kak Adip! he is from 2009 and he is the greatest fasil ever!

Actually, I have 1 more team mate. She was sick when this photo was taken :(. Her name is Krista. Just like Danet, she is the most stable one in this group 😉

My life is soo rock with them in it

Kelompok 4 mabim????

“Biasa-biasa aja tapi mantap!”


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