Okay, you may not understand the title. Its actually “Thank God It’s Friday? Err, I dont think so”. I wrote it down in ‘brief’ cause I dont think such a long title would be interesting. I start writing in english after a long time… I didnt use it pretty much in my holiday.

Rite rite…

Just like 2 weeks ago, I was getting frustrated because nothing I can do in this looong holiday. I read newspaper in the morning, finished one novel consisted of 600pages in the afternoon, and watched 3 dvds till late. I slept and woke up and found out that that day would just be the same as the previous day.

But nooow, I’ve found activities for my holiday!

Well, actually i was a bit disappointed that I couldnt find a part time job (especially at hospital or clinic) to earn money. I’ve always wanted to know how they work at hospital 😛 Okay, though I didnt get the chance, but now I have something to do that yaaa.. pretty much the same lah as curing sick people. I help people, I help my friends. On studying things for they exam. Teaching, well, helping them answer and explain questions has always been fun for me. It keeps my brain working, and it kills time and I like it! I’m usually (well, this week) standby at school from 7 a.m. (because i have to go here with my lil bro’s and sis that still go to school so i dont have to use my money for transport. the consequence is I have to wake up at least at 5.30 a.m.) untill 11.00-13.00 (depends on the appointment that day). I really work (and am getting paid also :P) at one of my teachers’ course (bimbel lah pokoknya). Im kinda tutorial teacher for intensive study for SNMPTN/USM. Usually I teach math, but sumtime they ask english or science too. But I dont like being asked about biology, because I need the text book *sigh. This week has been the hectic one. Tomorrow’s a UMB day, and next week is USM ITB terpusat. will be big days for lotta my friends.

And Im wondering why none of them has shown up this morning. I’ve waited for 2 and a half hours at library, using the computer to check notifications on facebook, tweeting on twitter, and writing this blog.

I dont even realize that today is friday before my friend told me. Time goes by so fast. I could just remember the last friday as if it were tomorrow. The… unspeakable friday (unspeakable here is a polite word as sucks). Okay, never mind. What I try to say that it’s friday and the week is still on for me. still on till 3 weeks after this. So it doesnt matter if its friday or monday (but it matters if its SUNDAY, cause its SUNNY, and HAPPY, and… you know lah where I always go on sunday hahaha). Everyday’s a work day. A good one, though, I hope :p

Goodluck for the weekend, guys. And goodluck for the sunday for me hehehe


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