d for disaster

omygod, i almost forget that i get a wordpress account *lebay*. noo, ofcourse i dont forget that, how come, i was just doing too many things that i wouldnt have time to do sum chitchat on my blog. (well, my phone’s qwerty pad has an “enter” pad, to make a new paragraph, but it doesnt work on website, so im sorry if i write this continously without an ‘enter’) okay, however, this new phone is a lot better that my last one. yep, i finally bought a new one and sold that blackberry. i feel so relieve having a usual phone like others have. im not complaining about bb, bb’s great, but not for me. furthermore, i found out that my previous bb was a recondition, or its other name is: sold from the blackmarket. no serial number,no guarantee. so i feel ‘double relieve’ i have sold it. now im using samsung *oops nyebut merk*. samsung gt-b3310 if you wanna know (google it google it :p). its great and damn cute. and no more disaster on receiving calls. i guess theres a lot to tell you about, but im getting bored haha. bye


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