I’m headed school and I guess I’ll be late for the 2nd time this week if mom keeps driving like this. Gosh, can’t she drive a bit faster? Its so deserating, that I can only sit on the back seat, do nothing but typing a blog w/ my bb while the time’s running like hell.
Now 6.32 or so and I’m still somewhere far from school. Shit shit shittt..!
I’ll have a math tryout today. Welln its not really horrifying. I just wanna be on time.
I’m a punctual person but my mom isn’t!!! And I still depend on her about going to school. GOSH I TOLD YOU she’s drivng slowly and I get caught in a traffic lite again. She actually could make it if she were faster. If she WERE.
C’mon I have only 10 minutes left! She’d better get the next traffic lite in 3 minutes or I’ll be effffing late!
Okay, in 2 minutes now.

She didn’t make it. 1 minute injury time or its all over. Why the hell she choosed this way? God. I’m frustated!!


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