sunday morning rain is (almost) falling

I’ve just found this link to post my blog from browser without using the application “wordpress for blackberry” I used a week ago. I don’t really enjoy the handheld wireless package for internet for my blackberry. I usually per-day-package (Rp.6000,00). At first it was fun. But I found out that its not really advantageous as I thought before. I don’t know why but I concluded that the bb owners that registered for per-month-internet-package (Rp.150.000,00 which too expensive for me) get the best services from the provider. At the 2nd time I registered per-day-package, the serice was so bad. I didn’t get the internet connection I deserved (bcus I’d paid 6000!) For almost a day and when I get the connection, it was very slow and made my bb hang.and finally, I decided not to use the internet package anymore. One day maybe I’ll use the “per-month-service”, but only if I get too much money in my purse.
Actually, I’m accessing this address to continue my writing “worth sacrificing” but unfortunately for gadget doesn’t show the draft. I don’t know whether my pulse is enough or not. I just don’t really care. Nobody will text me, anyway. I’m an independent girl, no boyfriend no crushes, means no pulse is soo okay 😉
Well its just an excuse hahaha. I don’t spend much on pulse. I prefer reading or writing (typing) like this to spend a spare time than chatting on ym or tweeting or facebook-ing.
And by the way, I should’ve read biology haha. But I think the book in front of me seems much more interesting than “biology for 3rd grader”. The Lost Symbol written by Dan Brown. The book is so fucking awesome and addictive indeed. I enjoy every word, every charater dan brown wrote. The book has ruined my study program all this week so I really have to finish it today or I can’t concentrate on studying for days.
Okay, words above may represent my feeling this beautiful sunday ;D


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