blogging from my bb curve :)

God god god!!!
I just can’t believe this, finally I cud posting my writing from my cellphone!!!! Its just too good to be true! This gadget I hold on to rite now is a magic. How the hell this tiny-little thing cud do so much in one period of time? I was on facebook,twitter,ym,and do some searhing on google at the same time, this is effing amaziing!
Well, its a blackberry curve (not a new type at all) version 8320. I got this from my dad, thought he used it for a while, but he just didn’t know how to maximize its function. PERHAPS haha. I did ask him to buy me a new cellphone. I gave the clues also which cellphone that attracts me pretty much; samsung corby. I expected my dad to buy me that one. And it seemed that he understood it also.
So, satnite last week. He came with so many plastics on his hands. But I didn’t see one which looked like a box of new cellphone. He had promised me to buy a new cellphone. I thought it wouldn’t be very nice if ask him straightly about my cellphone. I decided to help him 1st in the kitchen. And finally I asked him whether he had bought a new cellphone. He answered that we’d buy it on the next sunday. I was just okay with that.
In the next morning, I planned to study indonesian to ‘kill the time’. I guess time would go by so fast when we’re studying.
I turned on my computer and read a pp my teacher had given me. Like an hour after I’d started studying, my dad came upstairs and gave me this cute-red bb curve.
“You changed your cellphone, dad?” I asked. “No, it’s for you”
I just can’t say a thing 😀


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