Post by request


I was really amazed when someone commented on one of my post and said that he’d been reading my blog also. And so had one of ‘my friend from jakarta’ ;p

And this morning, about hours ago or so, one of my mom’s friend texted me. she said that she’d been googling about my school, taruna bakti, and found this, MY, blog (You could also read that post about my school here 😉 ) She told me that the blog was good. Sure, she’s doing great on english (wow, it’s actually shameful because i thought this blog is my own ‘consumption’, and because i was very confident on using english, most of mine gramatically incorrect)

Well, you know that Im accepted at UI’s Faculty of Medicine (read the previous post, please, if you havent known 😀 ) And my mom’s friend said that I should write a post about HOW exactly I could get accepted. It could be a good thing to read, interesting story I guess (haha, pede pede XD ). Soo, I’ll start on writing the exact blog about that. But, i dont mean to be arrogant okay? It’s just the ‘post by request’ and I’d like to share my experience. Enjoy 😉


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