University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine

Thank Godddd, Im accepted at UI’s Faculty of Medicine.

These days, these weeks, i tried not to think much about that. Well I was pretty much succeed on forgetting the announcement. Moreover, I was a bit unhealthy, and sick the day b4 the announcement co when i arrived home (yesterday), i directly slept without changing my uniform or taking a bath. I was awaken at 7 pm and continued my slept until 00:15. For the 2nd time, i was awaken by my phone’s ringing. That was my friend from jakarta calling. She asked me where I was. I answered I was home.  She asked me whether I want her to check the announcement because the announcement already existed. I answered no, I wanted 2 check it by myself. I was really tired, and not in mood. But I changed my uniform into pyjamas, wearing my thick sweater, and walking through the coldest air EVER, going straight to ‘warnet’. I spent like 20 minutes or so to walk to warnet ( i usually spend only 10 minutes in ‘normal’ condition). I dont know whether my friend (who’d phoned me) accepted or not (she applied for Faculty of Medicine too). I didnt think much about what I was going to face, all I think of was the COLD air. Damn COLD air that got my bone frozen.

I chose the usual computer at warnet. I settled myself to accept what UI has decided for me. The 1st thing I did was logging in to my YM. After that, I opened the website. I used my headmaster’s account, so I could know whoever from my school who got the PPKB.  I was tired and sleepy, so I was confused why I didnt find the annoncement on that account. I logged out and re-signed in, but now, using my own ID. once again, I didnt find the annoncement. I stopped for a while to explore the whole page shown. And at last, I found this link: “Hasil Seleksi”

I clicked that link without anxious or nervous feeling.

And I read this line at 1st:

Made Ananda Krisna
Selamat, Anda diterima di Universitas Indonesia.
Program Studi
Pendidikan Dokter”
I thought, “what the hell is this? Is this a joke or what?”
I read that line AGAIN to convince myself.
I was really, damn happy. but. BUT. I wasnt at home. I couldnt scream, or sing, or dance or what. I said this to myself,
“Inhale, dude”
My friend who rang me, she got accepted too. At the same faculty as I’ll be. YAHOOOOO.
“Inhale again, fella”
I phoned my mom. She didnt get it. I guess she’s sleeping. I phoned my dad. He didnt get it too.
So I was there alone by myself, celebrating the succeed alone. Well, I chatted some of my friends. BUT chat differ with talking directly or phone. One hour I tried to understood about the registration. But I didnt get it because I was just too excited. Hahaha
Once again, thank God
And all the people that make this through ;D

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