first week of last semester at school

Okay, I really have to post this one very fast cuz the bell will ring at 2.15 p.m. and now its 2 p.m. Or I’ll make this one as a draft and it’ll be so last year when I finally update my blog again somewhen.

Well, now the game is on and everyone’s playing her/his own role. The competition feels so real. And somehow, people I think will play nicely and fairly…, and they don’t. I dont know if it’s only me who is being over-sensitive or people who actually change: but i dont feel as comfortable as i do with certain people around me. People whom I used to spend most of my time with. Its sucks. In this 4 first days of school, they’ve hurted me (on purpose or not, i dont care) with what they said to me. They show the spirit of ‘the competition’ very vulgarly and its annoying me at first. Some people take my usual chair I sit on at class, well, i dont mind, no big deal. but i caught that they feel HAPPY when i dont get the front-lined chair at class. Hey hey, I know, I know. Chair position at class won’t guarantee you pass the UAN or University entrance test. I’ll just say that, well we’ll see then, they WON’T take the first-lined chair on Try Out next week. I bet it.

God, I dont wanna be like this! I dont wanna feel like this.


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