2010: might be the most important year for me

Helo! This is 28th of December 2009: 3 days to 2010. Gosh, I am DAMN anxious! Well, new year’s never been like this before, even when I was on the 3rd grade of JHS. I just cant sleep very well since holiday. I don’t know why. I may be a bit anxious about PPKB announcement on 16th of January, but, when Im awake, I dont really think much about it. Maybe the anxiety is accumulated in the back of my mind, and comes out when Im asleep as a bad-weird dream.

I was succesfully failed in getting a bf this year, yes. But fortunately, that failure may lead me to succed. I can consentrating more on my eduacation; I practice lessons better. Most of my friends got a new bf/gf these last 6 months and I guess that’s not a really wise decision. Moreover if they are classmates. Simply, the lessons your teachers taught get into your left ear and come out from your right one. I admit that Im a bit sensitive about this topic, not because im jealous or what that my friends got bf and i didnt, but because im a victim of this ‘social phenomenon’. One of my very very bestest girlfriend finally has a boyfriend. And her bf is my friend too. At first i was really happy for them, not only because they’re all my friends, but also they are really fit to each other.

But now, I don’t even wanna talk about them. It makes my anger rise hahaha.

Anyway, just 1 or 2 nights before, i’ve made some resolutions for 2010. And most of them are intended to be fulfilled (or fullfilled? i duno the rite spelling :P) before August 2010. There are many things to do! I can smile reaaally wide at myself only by thinking that I will do all my resolution succesfully (Amen) . But besides that, I also.. You know, sometimes Im just affraid that I have made too many targets for myself. Like, I get this target to finish one book of latest 5 years examinations on entering universities in A WEEK. Sometimes it gets me a bit frustrated, and gets my temper high; I easily get angry at people.

Why 2010 will be like the most important year for me?

First, graduating from high school. For 11 years studying in formal school, i finally will get out of the stuff. And enter another phase of my life. I’ll meet lots of new people. Second, in 2010, what i’ll do for living in the rest of my whole life will be decided. Well I’ve decided to be a doctor, but that’s my decision, not God’s decision. But I REALLY REALLY HOPE, I WISH TO GOD, that He will lead me a way to get what He thinks is the best for me and people around me.

And finally, since this seems to be the very last post from me this year, I’d like to say my apology for everybody that ever been hurt. Im really sorry. And also, please, pray for me, and wish me luck, that on 16th of January 2010, my name will be on the internet as one of 30 people or so that will study in University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine on August 2010. Amen!

God Bless you all and have a very happy new year guys!


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