Stalker Talks

Hah, I was stalking someone’ fb profile while I was writing this post. And my dad was exactly sitting in front of my PC,browsing on the internet too. Guess you could guess whose profile I stalked.. Yep yep, my crush’s girlfriend’s. Well, my ‘ex’crush actually. I don’t think Im still in love with him. I hope I dont, just let’s see how i’d be on these days without thinking him. I know I CAN forget him, I ever done that,you knoow..  I even didnt think about him for a second. But it came so sudden that I realize I still like him, that I miss him so much, deep down inside. But What can I dooo? NOTHING. Hehas a girlfriend that he loves so much and that loves him so much. And I become more desperate and desperate every single day with that feeling. Oh God, I has just farted ups.Haha. Hopefully nobody heard that.

I have no idea what I’ll tell you guys. I open this site automatically every time I use a PC with internet connection. After i open my facebook profile of course haha.But these days my facebook isn’t really fulled with notifications. And guess what, I got another facebook account to stalk my crush’s girlfriend. Well it’s not the main purpose r8 now, since I decided to forget my latest crush. And Im so excited about this accout, because I found friend from USA! They’re from kentucky. One of them is so damn cute!!!! He has a curly brown hair.A bit long, but not too long. Wohooooo, i know there’s always a silver line about everything!Oh damn keyboard, need an extra energy to type with this. Ergh. And this causes so many wrong-typed words. And noooow, what’s wrong with my PC??? There’s something wrong with the windows explorer after I connected my flash disk.

I’ve just changed to another PC. It’s error. And I chose the r8 one; The connection’s good and so is the keyboard. HAHA. Luckily, wordpress has ‘draft’ facility. I still got the post I havent finished writing and I haven’t publish. Hoho

I guess that’s all for me. Rite after I publish this titled ‘Stalker Talks’, Im no more a stalker 😀


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