One Thing Called Love

Hei, guys, dudes!

I rarely post something these days. I dunno why, I think Im changing. A Lot, probably. I’d say thousands apologize if my changing bothers you, guys. But I really enjoy who I am rite now. I am sorry too for not joining you in many opportunities. Some of you know my exact reason for that, but I couldn’t say it out loud. Yes, I become a more introvert person. I talk less about my life. I keep it it all. I don’t say it not because I dont want to. I can’t. Maybe someday I’ll tell you. But maybe not. Soo.. Forgive me for a person Im being rite now. Just get used to it haha.

Okaaaay. You guys may be bored about the thing I talk about on and on and on again. That thing is my love life! My-desperately-pathetic-broken-lovelife. Hahaha. Unexpectedly, I’ve had a crush on ONLY 1 man in these months (from January, I guess ;p). Well, this feeling turns into a deeper and deeper one. But the situation isn’t really good for me. Ahhh, what a curse!!

Tapi, guess what, gue udah ngerelain semuanya kok. This is a short quote from me:

Hari ini lo bersamanya. Tapi, mungkin besok, minggu depan, tahun depan, sepuluh tahun lagi, atau di kehidupan selanjutnya, gue yakin, suatu saat kita pasti bisa bersama

Ok, this is all for me (for now). Bye ;D


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